Structure Lifting

World's first
Total raising the bridge to 1.5m

This is a safe construction raising method that can even be used on a cultural properties constructed with rocks. The technology was introduced on China's Haju TV when we raised the Hyunmu Grave, a cultural property in China from 200 years ago to 1.3

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Raising of 1,2,3, boulder wall brick-based cultural construction | (China Hyunmu Grave) 4, 5, 6, Wang Bridge raising


Structure lifting and lower level extension


Method of constructing new structure after raising the original construction

Method of using jack pile by raising the original building to a certain height and constructing a new structure on top (new construction technology no. 629 - foundation reinforcement)

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Expansion of one floor under ground by raising the original building


Construction examples

    • Gurae Hyogokgyo
      2012. 01 ~ 03
    • China Wangojinjin Hyunmy Grave
      2008. 07 ~ 08