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6 What are the characteristics of the JACK PILE technique?

The characteristics of the JACK PILE technique are :


1. Work can be done in a small place with small equipment.

2. The push load of the file being constructed can be measured numerically.

3. The steel tube file base has been formed so that there is no possibility of foundation settlement after reinforcement.

4. Construction is possible for both existing and new and expanded foundations.

    (However, because it requires pressurized reaction force, it is constructed using the Top Down method at the new foundation)

5 What kind of method is JACK PILE?
JP (JACK PILE) is the new construction technology designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport under the name 629, which is a basic reinforcement method using the existing cross section extension and the push posts.


Using the existing foundation or by installing a new foundation, the steel tube pile is pressed to reinforce the foundation of the existing structure, and multiple push - fill posts are simultaneously pressurized and sunk.


4 What is the application area of the JACK PILE technology?

In addition to reinforcing the foundation and restoring the settlement, JP Method includes the rise of the building, ground extension, underground extension, and parallel movement.

3 What materials do you use in the push file for the JACK PILE (JP)?

JP materials are available in various forms such as steel rods, steel pipes, and H beams. 

Among them, steel pipes have different dimensions depending on the weight of the building and the geological features. 

In general, we apply the most to the areas of the area, the other areas of the world, the other areas, and the other areas, the other areas.


2 Is it possible to push construction on the electronic layer?

The electronic layer can not be pressed on with a hydraulic pump.


As a result, a crawler drill is used to drill water directly into the steel tube simultaneously, to drill into the cylinder floor, and then install a gaffron frame and then individually press it.


1 What's the difference between the Micro Pile technique?
First of all, microfill is a technique for drilling ground, inserting steel and injecting grout to form a pile, which is more effective in preventing buoyancy than basic reinforcement.


On the other hand, the JACK PILE method is used to push steel pipes to form a file foundation using the load of a building, and is excellent in restoring a submerged structure or strengthening the soft ground.